Don't let sudden cancellations impact your workflow or revenue. Let our powerful and robust tools solve that problem for you.

Feature 01


In the event of a sudden cancellation, WaitlistXYZ helps offices immediately reach out to their customers to fill it. This saves both time and money.

Feature 02

Built with Guidance

The product was built around both the recommendations and requests of actual office managers. But, the software is also elegant and simplistic.

Feature 03

Email and SMS

WaitlistXYZ offers the ability for offices to reach wide demographics by allowing office staff to notify patients with email and text (SMS).

Feature 04


Businesses, especially medical offices, often offer more than one type of appointment. With this in mind, an advanced client filtering tool was designed.

Feature 05

Web Dashboard

Instead of having to install it, WaitlistXYZ is an easily accessible web platform. Once logged in, everything is available. No downloads are required.

Feature 06


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, WaitlistXYZ, as an online portal, is now free for all. Accounts created now will last for two years and may be extended following the two-year period.

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