What is Waitlistxyz?

Waitlistxyz is a client management service that is designed to optimize appointment openings in your practice. If a client needs an appointment as soon as possible, a practice can use Waitlistxyz and add them to their waitlist. When an appointment opens up, a practice can notify all of their waiting clients using Waitlistxyz about the opening and then it becomes first come, first serve.

This implementation is optimal for practices such as doctors offices, dentists, and even tattoo artists.

How does it work?

Waitlistxyz currently notifies a practice's customers using SMS texting. Currently, we are experimenting with emails and phone calls, but those two options are not currently operable. The only required client data that we need are a person's name, phone, and email. This information is encrypted in our database.


Waitlistxyz's pricing is dependent on your office. But, if we believe that your practice can contribute a viable case study for our product and its efficiency, we will grant a free code.

Getting Started

All new accounts come with a 14 day free trial. You can register here.